Something I totally forgot about on the post above is family, which is personally indispensable to me.

I love them so much, and sharing a meal with them is such a joy. Tonight was French Meat Pie, made by my father. Never fails to impress!

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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

It's on holidays with a troubled past that I like to think about what I value, large and small.

I would encourage others to do the same and express clearly what we value as individuals and as a collective people.

I'll start. I value friendship, justice, compassion, and mercy. And for the reason of justice, I try to promote the rest in my life and online.

So anyhow, I hope you have a think about what's important to you.

What do you value?

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Hello all you furrys out there! I'm new to the fandom so if anyone would like to point me in the right direction, that be great.


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So uh... this seems to be the way things are going, so allow me to introduce myself!

I'm Maelstrom, Snow Dragon by day, aspiring storyteller by night. I've just moved here from the and I'm still exploring, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

I hope to follow ever more artists and writers on here, as well as potential collaborators in the storytelling process!

Anyhow, here's some art of Maelstrom I got from CookieHalo_ on Twitter. Time to tell my story!

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